Monday, July 16, 2012

Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch

We were basted together
In a running stitch,
Cut and pieced with others,
Sewn loosely, then set aside--
A forgotten project
Tossed into a hope chest where
Slowly the stitches rotted:
Dreams forsaken...

Over time, we found ourselves
Appliqu├ęd onto other comforters,
Paired with other squares,
Part of the scrap bag
We placed ourselves in with
Our decisions,
With commitments only to trends
And wild-patterned friends.

Until, seams ripped from
Unseemly unions,
We existed for a while isolated
And neglected,
Rags in random bags of cutaways,
In separate assortments--
Too classic our colors,
Too faded, smelling of dank rooms
And incense...

But remembering our early
A creative hand
Brought us together,
Cleaned the fabric of our souls,
Joined our savage selvages,
And serged us in a seam
Stronger than the heartstrings.

We are the art of combined
Pattern and color:
Batiked Prayer Flag in the wind,
Announcing the travels
Of love
And the hope for peace,
In the service of
Warmth, shade, protection…

By choice and divine design,
All that matters is the binding that 
Sutured our hearts together,
So that it is hard to tell by feel
Where one of us ends
And the other begins...
But looking beneath
Our joined surface,
Anyone can see:
That hidden seam is
Our Finishing Touch.

Finishing Touch Quilt by Kelley Suzanne McCrory

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