Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Come Sea

And when he touches your lips
With his long finger to linger
On what you long to say,
Don't push him away.
He is telling you of his silent love.
Words don't come, but his soul
Is in his hands, he is giving
All he has ever known.

This tender moment when you want to question,
Let it be, hold your breath.
But don't forget to breathe.
He’s telling you he'll never leave you.
He's unaware of words to stammer,
He's underwater and grateful
You'll go there with him.

You've seen his depths
And he sees you'll hold his hand
And swim down to the reef,
Your lungs about to burst--
He told you to exhale first.
There’s just stillness
This close to every color God thought of,
You need to see more of this…
He wants to show you
The thinnest stripe on a
technicolor swimming thing
That bites your wrist.

This is his sea,
His life and depth,
The reason you each practiced
Holding your breath
As children across a gulf from
One another.
And for this rhyme?
He was always your brother in time.

You'll surface together in a moment,
But first, let the pressure
Of paradise do its worst
Until you let go of all the space
That keeps you apart,
Until you fill his lungs with more than air,
Until you see him nod
And see God…
And surface together gasping,
Eager to ride the squeezing bubbles
Of life and swim down again…

Into the tickle of his touch,
His toes on your thigh,
As you fly where no sun can spoil the skin,
Where fins and shells are grown and shed,
Where mystery is bred.
Give him your weightless hand
And watch his eyes when he points to the world
He wants to inhabit together.
Listen to his muffled laugh
And wonder with him a while...

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