Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'd Make Soap On a Bouncing Bet, No Lye!

I’d Make Soap
On a
Bouncing Bet,
No Lye!

You know that place right before payday back in college, when you watered down your dish soap to make it last a little longer? Yeah, most of the country is there about now.
In fact some of us have started making our own soap…

Social, political, international, economic factors—and gut feelings about all of these—finally reminded me to write this note to myself, which I may as well share with you. If you read this as part of a cyber archaeological site sometime in the future, well…

1 Cup Soapwort Plant & Root : 4 Cups Water

Simmer Until Soapy 

Store in a Glass Jar for Up to 7 Days

Look for my seed packet for Bouncing Bet and add a 4x as much H2O to the resulting mature hydroponically-grown plant (or however you’re growing plants in your century) including the root. Apply heat to the mixture until it begins to bubble and become basic. 
That would be called simmer until soapy in our day. Et voila!  You have just created pioneer survivalist soap.

 Bouncing Bet 

Saponaria Officinalis 

blooms out in flowers that smell like cinnamon, and makes soap that is easy on the skin and fabrics.
I made some thyme soap once that smelled awful, but if you want to add any other herb waters such as
lavender to spruce up the aromatherapeutic qualities of the soap mixture, just be quick about it. Without the preservatives found in commercial soaps or the cured properties of lye soap (which is a whole big deal to make, taking days instead moments), this soap lasts less than seven complete spins of Earth on its axis.

I’m sure you’ll use good sense: Please don’t drink soap or get it in your eyes.

Enjoy getting clean!

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