Friday, October 26, 2012

Not Marketing, Just True.

They walked into the sunny shop with its bright art and orange sides and paused, as if interrupting something important. After being greeted by the owners, they thought, we must have imagined it. But the energy was different. This was not just a shop, but a family. The goods were marked by the hands that made them--not touched by slave laborers, but worked with love by creators.

It was almost too much, but just enough. It was breathing in and knowing the air was alive with grace. Humans don’t earn walking into another’s space, it is opened to others through hospitality. 

So if there is a conversation going when you enter here, and we pause to greet you, you are not interrupting, you are the invited guest arriving to the party. You’re expected and welcome.

Sure, we are living a rich life of struggling and investing capital and sweat into this adventure you just entered. It’s not a shop, but a gallery. It’s not a business, but a livelihood. It’s not stuff, but one-of-a-kind art. 

You’re part of this life. Step inside. We put this all together with the artists just for you. Appreciate this. Reciprocate if you can by falling in love with something here. Each piece was created for its rightful owner—perhaps you?

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