Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's not difficult to understand why Google owns the internet. And Facebook is monetizing through its "promote" option, as is to be expected. So it's adapt or die, folks. 

We're really into Pinterest these days because (for now) everyone on the planet (with a Pinterest account) can see everything we pin. As long as it's interesting, people will repin our photos to their own boards for their followers to find. Very fair and decent. 

Plus, we all like artists, DIY, beauty, animals, and PHOTOS, don't we? I have begun following many blogs since seeing someone pin crafts from them, so I feel like I'm discovering a little more of the universe one pin at a time. 

Eventually, Pinterest likely will become about the making money directly off of members, once we're addicted to pinning. But meanwhile, it brings a smile to my face that I can collect wise words, pretty photos, and great ideas. Plus, I can share the best of my friends' posts and crafts with my followers!

It's a pretty positive place, Pinterest. Join me by following? We'll follow you back! <3, Peace & Harmony. 

~Your Mermaid Friend

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