Friday, December 21, 2012

Sentimental Journey Home for Christmas

Black Butterfly 

Grace slick with midnight oil, 
Tempered blue in glimpses on wings 
Broad as maple leaves... 

Against the pure anise in bloom, 
You still a pose of negative space, 
No trace of butter, more as resin 
Condensed mystic suspense, 

Exception to the rule of color, 
Are you all in greedy shadow, reflecting none? 

Or consummate lover of beauty, 
Embracing the prism's rainbow as one? 

Or simply paradox of nature, 
Brooding black alacrity 
In flight... 

Absorbing sun, yet shedding weight 
As you take the sky, your claim 
As true as Monarch's--who 
Only flirts with your depth of wing--
You, transcendent changeling... 


My Christmas Gift to You... 
Is this poem and quirky elf photo, one from a decade ago, one half a decade. Hug your family's children for the holidays. They grow up so fast!
My ginger (#3 on the right below) is 17 now...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Art Deco Delite

Art Deco Delight
It's no secret that we're fans of females, fiction, and the Flapper era. I'm a bit boho myself--what mermaid isn't?--and our feminine clients love jewelry that is artsy and out of the ordinary...

So we could hardly wait to tell you, the most exciting thing has happened! 

Italian goldsmith and our dear friend, Ruven Perelman, has decided to pass along some of his hidden gems to you. 

His mother, who worked alongside his goldsmith father, created a sample collection of beautiful art deco era originals for her exclusive clients of the last century. 

These pieces were displayed as examples of her talent, but were never worn. 

Lois "Lipstick" Long

Today were are able to offer these originals to you as mint, vintage jewelry designs representative of a time when women were gaining independence in America. 

Writers and artists were forming communities of bohemians who wore their beads large, long, and loose. 

Similar iconic beads have been restrung as costume pieces for generations, but these are perfectly original designs, not copies. 

Beads of this quality are rare and expensive these days, and 14K gold and gold-filled findings are reserved for fine jewelry. 

Art Deco Delite is a collection of vintage custom designs in semiprecious stones, artistic enamel and handcarved beads that were secreted in a vault for decades. 

Karma Carnelian
They belong in a museum, but would look stunning with your new chiffon dress, and très chic over your favorite sweater. 

Do you believe in fate? Perhaps Mrs. Perelman created a strand of sumptuousness just for you so many years ago...

Swimmingly Yours,
the mermaid

Friday, December 7, 2012

Go Viral Like a Corgi on Pinterest! Advice for Artists & Entrepreneurs Alike

Let’s understand this grassroots social networking business world in which we’re living. 

I’m operating from a neighbor-to-neighbor, pay-it-forward mindset as always, but in a new way. 

As an entrepreneur with a gallery of artists to promote, I’m not shy about sharing my mission socially. 

In fact, it’s fair to say I consider it almost a moral issue to support those who can see no other purpose than to bless us with their art. 

Talents utilized as a spiritual mandate, a way of finding one’s place in the world, makes the world a better place.

I might stand on a mountain and blast my message into the valley and create a tiny breeze in the burrow below. 

But if I use a cute puppy, it might go viral on Pinterest! 

Never before has instant, emotional marketing been so effective. 

Instead of playing a video game (boo Angry Birds!), women are using their hunter/gatherer tendencies to sort the world into categories of personal relevance via photo representation.

Women love sharing photos. 

So do many men. 

But most people absolutely abhor advertising. 

We tune out banner ads, block pop up ads, banish spam using high tech filters, and ban spammers from our lives whenever possible! 

But then there’s this amazing Thing we have to buy at Target—we forget where we saw it or who told us about it—but it’s a must have this holiday season! 

Oh. Despite our best effort to avert our eyes, they still find what they want to see.

Here’s a Pin Tip:

Good design, clever words, and a photo of a Corgi puppy will always be worth saving and sharing. 

If you can design a cleverly worded Corgi puppy ad, you’re golden. 

Everyone will love it, love you, and your image will travel the globe in mere hours. 

Some may click, several may remember your brand, and a couple may buy your handiwork. 

The same is true of mermaid art, 
famous quotes, 
and DIY t-shirt scarves. 

(Note: Boho chics like me totally love DIY photos for hand-dying an ombre skirt made out of a vintage crocheted tablecloth.)

So, you’re an artist. Or an entrepreneur. Or both. 

How can you give your art the sparkle that creates the must-have, hunting/gathering response in women? 

We value cuteness, cleverness, and the belief that “we can do it ourselves!” 

If a cat, a caption, and a comment can boost your blog traffic, sales, and SEO, then the art of marketing on Pinterest may be worth an hour or two a week. 

I pin randomly throughout my computer workday. 

I don’t spend my entire day on my computer, but my pins tend to occur during peak Pinterest hours often enough.

Here’s the cat I used to draw in 4th Grade, done up as a long pin tutorial for MS Paint. 

Elementary, my dear Watson! 

Our artists are a lot better at painting than I am… 

Think I’ll stick to the promote!

Swimmingly Yours,

the mermaid