Saturday, December 8, 2012

Art Deco Delite

Art Deco Delight
It's no secret that we're fans of females, fiction, and the Flapper era. I'm a bit boho myself--what mermaid isn't?--and our feminine clients love jewelry that is artsy and out of the ordinary...

So we could hardly wait to tell you, the most exciting thing has happened! 

Italian goldsmith and our dear friend, Ruven Perelman, has decided to pass along some of his hidden gems to you. 

His mother, who worked alongside his goldsmith father, created a sample collection of beautiful art deco era originals for her exclusive clients of the last century. 

These pieces were displayed as examples of her talent, but were never worn. 

Lois "Lipstick" Long

Today were are able to offer these originals to you as mint, vintage jewelry designs representative of a time when women were gaining independence in America. 

Writers and artists were forming communities of bohemians who wore their beads large, long, and loose. 

Similar iconic beads have been restrung as costume pieces for generations, but these are perfectly original designs, not copies. 

Beads of this quality are rare and expensive these days, and 14K gold and gold-filled findings are reserved for fine jewelry. 

Art Deco Delite is a collection of vintage custom designs in semiprecious stones, artistic enamel and handcarved beads that were secreted in a vault for decades. 

Karma Carnelian
They belong in a museum, but would look stunning with your new chiffon dress, and très chic over your favorite sweater. 

Do you believe in fate? Perhaps Mrs. Perelman created a strand of sumptuousness just for you so many years ago...

Swimmingly Yours,
the mermaid

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