Monday, August 26, 2013

We Wide-Eyed Butterflies

Alyona Firth with her series of innovative paintings
One of my entrepreneurial friends came by today and dropped off her flyers as I requested because I have been out of them for some time. She looked so lovely, with large eyes full of wisdom, that I’ll admit I thought of more things to say as she started to leave.

Some people are like that, aren’t they? When they come in and bring you news, it’s as if a butterfly has landed on your floral print blouse—you know you cannot offer her a real flower, so you hope that your admiration is enough to make her visit worthwhile.

The news we exchanged was of changes we have made. Opportunities must be leapt at immediately, and then reality catches up to it over time.

I could not sleep last night, my mind was so full of optimism and gratitude for the opportunities presenting themselves. Sometimes as the wheel turns you can feel the combination lock click into place and you know the door to another universe is opening for you.

Sometimes it’s just in time, as you were about to lose faith.

We joke in our family about this life being training for something else, it seems so random and ridiculous at times, so much so that it wakes you up at three in the morning with an incredulous look on your face, staring at the ceiling, asking, “Really???”

It’s exasperating to do the right thing and receive another obstacle to overcome as your reward.

Self-righteous souls come at me to fix impossible things sometimes. I have learned to take my own self-righteous soul to my Creator, «Qu'est-ce que c'est?»

Holding on to the possibilities of tomorrow’s connections keeps me making new friends,
New artwork from Alyona Firth
supporting longtime friends, accepting what is, running on the beach to reconnect with myself, and meeting obligations with a smile when I am trembling inside feeling the hot breath of failure on my neck.

Quitting what is not working and embracing another option is a daily process for entrepreneurs, especially in the disruptive age we inhabit. Disruptions create opportunities that drive us toward the impossible only to find gears clicking open onto a brand new future.

I ask myself this question, as I breathe in and out to slow my racing heart in the face of yet another challenge, “Am I satisfied with survival, or do I want to thrive?”

We wide-eyed butterflies are precious, we are all precious.

This is a really good school, Earth. I am learning a lot.

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