Friday, October 18, 2013

MicroPoetry Slam! Twitter Poets United in Beauty for 140 Characters

Micropoetry #mp flows like free verse haiku (twihaiku, some call it), poetry that wraps up a story or feeling in a few succulent syllables. 

I've become a Twitter poetry lover. To me, there is no excuse for not reading, savoring each quick rush of beauty. No TLDR here, just well-crafted verse leaving you craving more. 

Sometimes snippets of longer poems, sometimes published as complete works, Twitter poetry entices with concise bursts of passion.

Some of the published poets I follow on Twitter have agreed to share a few of their works here. You will want to follow them on Twitter, too. Finger snaps!


It is difficult to remember
how much of us is water
in our thirsty skins.


I touch the language of water
to bead or rain
or suck in

& know my body
drowns in it.


Lie naked on ice
with no scent

water does not foul
without life or decay

& its groaning
is not us.


We are wed
to the transparency
of water & air

as much as to
the murkiness
of fog & depth.


When I was young
all I needed was love.
I must still be young.

Bauke Kamstra PositivelyWyrde 


She wants
his words to be for her
wants to watch
his mouth as he reads
each line of love
wants for a moment
to feel what she has.

Apple season finds
her missing summer berries
the sweetness on her
lips, her mouth remembering
their taste those warm days & nights.


when the world
crumbles beneath your feet
catastrophic life quake
comes the time of
knowing one's strength



*** Check out Twitter friend @Poejazzi for great poetry, music, and London’s Premier Spoken Word/Music night. Curated by Joshua Idehen, Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna and Inua Ellams. ***

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