Friday, November 22, 2013

Face It, Gaming Is a Thing - A Good Thing For Writers!

Gaming. An emotional word. We are talking about playing digital games, either in an app, on a console, or online.

How do you feel about people who game? Teenagers who use TeamSpeak and collaborate with players all over the world, who team up to talk and yell online while killing zombies, are one scenario. 

Another way to play is via iPhone or Facebook, and involves apps such as Angry Birds, Farmville, Candy Crush, or my personal favorite mind break game, Flow. 

Lots of positive research is emerging about the happiness of gamers, and the increase in problem solving and social skills games teach. 

Yet gaming sounds rather bogus to some. It even makes some gamers' parents angry, because they believe that gaming does not serve as a valid activity, such as reading, watching TV, or going to a party. 

In fact many games involve all three of these things.

(Our philosophy is that mental downtime is a good thing for the brain. It's each individual's choice how to spend that time.)

What writers may not realize is that gaming relies on two very important elements, including 1. game play, or the feel of the game, and 2. story, or motivation behind the characters' action. 

If writers find publishing an eBook disheartening, there is another option now. Why not try writing a good story that gamers will want join?

We have one such story in the works. If you write science fiction, or any fiction, feel free to contact me at for more information.

There is still time to join this free MOOC, The Future of Storytelling, which I am taking with over 80,000 friends from all over the world! This week we are studying the future of computer game storytelling:

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