Saturday, November 16, 2013

I’m Dreaming of a Beige, no, RED Christmas!

Check out the HGTV Christmas blog, and you’ll find a disturbing trend. Perhaps we can blame anything from IKEA to the economy, but the trend toward beige as a holiday color has begun to take the festiveness out of the festivities. 

Somehow red has become too garish to those who seem embarrassed by many Americans’ favorite holiday of the year--?

Chanukah has its brilliant blue, and Christmas has its green and candy apple or beet red. That’s tradition! (So if you want to change that to boring beige, billing it as the new Christmas color, you don’t have that power, random designers.) 

Christmas red inspires my holiday cheer!
Add some silver, gold, or whatever you like, but the Christmas tradition of green and red endures in our Southern village.

Why am I so emotional about this tradition? The psychology behind a red Christmas has its basis in emotional payoff. Red is passionate and demands attention. 

Beige is neutral, lifeless, and easy to ignore. 

Are we trying to ignore Christmas? Will it make us happier or more engaged with our families and friends during the holidays to opt for a less obtrusive color?


Tell me how these holiday beads would be better in brown. Exactly. 

So you’re with me? 

OK, it’s time to deck the halls and paint the town red!

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