Saturday, November 9, 2013

Top 5 Makeup Treats: $ave Money while Saving Face

What girl doesn't want to look her best? 

That's my excuse for this post. This is my response to aging avoidance my way with an emphasis on remaining an advocate of natural beauty.

Let's put natural beauty to a vote

Which is your favorite artistic photo, meaning which photograph brings a sense of true beauty to the model?


It's the same Swedish model, Mini Anden, in both photos. The black and white photo on the left, which features lots of freckles and very little makeup, has been repinned from my Boho But Natural Pinterest board 159 times. 

The second photo shows heavy makeup with Mini's freckles covered for a slick and cosmopolitan look. 

Most notably, she looks many years older in the second photo. 

The girlish quality of less makeup is more attractive on the majority of women, and it certainly has my Pinterest followers' approval. 

As we age, we need a fresher feel, as makeup tends to slide into the creases of our skin producing awful results, and visually emphasizing the downside of years of laughter and sunshine. 

A lifelong user of natural remedies and cosmetics, I find using less makeup becomes more of a challenge each year, but it's easier with the proper tools. 

Lifestyle Check

Run, drink lots of water, eat right, drink moderately, watch sugar intake, don't smoke, try to get enough sleep, and on and on... 

Even so, the sun exposure on my freckled skin has probably photo-aged me. Plus if you have sensitive skin, you must be choosy about products.

My aesthetician says "you're doing something right" because she thinks my skin is in excellent shape, and people seem surprised that I'm a mom of a teenager. Unless that's all just flattery, this skin care regime must be at least partly to blame. 

Here's my Top Five

  1. Skin Eternal Cream from Source Naturals with anti-aging ingredients DMAE, alpha-lipoic acid, C-ester, Coenzyme Q-10, MSM, and a kiwi scent--no fish oil smell,  yay! This is the night cream, but you can wear it all day even in the Florida heat. It protects and nourishes your skin despite exposure to the elements. Read the reviews, most women adore it.
  2. True Match by L'Oreal Paris doesn't come from the high end market, and it doesn't cover freckles completely, because it works with your natural color and beauty to enhance instead of hide your skin. Dab a little extra on problem spots in lieu of concealer. Rest assured you'll look your best in broad daylight. It's OK for a beach day, there is sunscreen in the formula. Promise: No breakouts from this product. Ever. 
  3. Nutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara lays it on thick, but without irritating your eyes. Mascara goes a long way toward natural beauty as long as you apply it so that no one can tell you're wearing it. This formula does the trick beautifully. 
  4. Nutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner creates a smoky eye without producing red eyes. Please choose any color besides black unless you're Joan Jett. Black eyeliner is great for the young and the goth, but not at all attractive on midlife clubbers. Besides, a color that matches your brow can do double duty as a brow enhancer!
  5. DMA Lipshine gives a little gloss and a lot of nurturing for a kissable mouth. No hard work here, just luxe lips!

Check out the look of Duality Makeup Artistry lips

(Yes, completely blown out porcelain skin before summer set in...)

If you have sensitive skin, troubled skin, aging skin or all of the above, you will love the natural nurturing of this beauty kit five. Total cost of this collection is about $70. 

Or you can skip everything but the $20 cream for a raw beauty regime, no makeup needed. 

Please add your natural makeup tips below. xo

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