Saturday, November 2, 2013

Torching a Dream: Chris Sanderson's Lampwork

When Chris Sanderson and I met and began working together a couple of seasons ago, our clients fell in love with her glass beads for their serious rank as eye candy for the handmade minded. 

Artisan jewelry is the town and country standard for savvy women. You're sure to shiver with delight as we did exploring her shiny tradition of fine focal pieces for catching the Florida sunlight. 

It's like putting on a fashionable party to wear one of Chris's lampwork pendants. 

Her work brings joy to the wearer, and she says it’s fun to create, too. 

It takes years of practice and classes with the North American masters, such as Libby L. of the International Society of GlassBeadmakers gatherings, to accomplish such stunning beads made of six layers of glass. In some beads Chris incorporates sterling silver to produce a dazzling iridescent effect.

I was warned last season that a mermaid bead was on the way, and it arrived this week. My admiration for Chris just leveled up, she is a genius! 

Take a look at the mesmerizing lampwork process in the video Chris provided (below), compliments of her supportive husband, and set to smooth jazz. She makes it look so easy. 

And as for what she'll do for your look, let's just say her handcrafted pieces tend to attract the right kind of envy. 

A new fall bead Chris is producing involves etching the glass surface for a matte finish, as she explains:

Here is a new style of bead that I am really loving.  I especially like how this technique looks with opaque fall colors.  It involves etching the bead after it's made with a tumbling process and then to enhance and protect the glass it gets a fine coating of oil/beeswax and this part just makes all the striations pop! 

So if you want to wear the finest artisan conversation piece this fall, or give an incomparable treasure as a gift, here are a few reasons to place Chris' lampwork bead jewelry at the top of your list:
  • Beads handcrafted with up to six layers of glass sparkle with depth and quality.
  • Chris anneals her beads in a digital kiln to make them hard to break.
  • Chris Sanderson is a designer, artist and professional businesswoman with a stellar reputation, tons of talent, and experience studying under lampwork masters. 
  • Her limited edition beads are scarce. She can only make so many, they are unique and take time (watch the video above!).
  • Your purchase entitles you to receive special offers on all future beads.
  • Can you believe her prices? No one else will guess, either. Plus, you'll look like a princess wearing her artwork!

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